Frequently Asked Questions

What is BuyUTCoins?

It's a service which delivers EA Sports FC 24 Coins to players. We deliver coins 24/7 to players, we offer low prices and we guarantee safety to all the players.

How Do I Buy Coins?

Buying coins from us is simple. Simply register to our website and then click the 'Buy Coins' tab in our menu. Next, select your platform and the amount of coins you want to purchase. Then proceed to select your delivery method and finally pay for your coins. Once you have paid and you return to BuyUTCoins by the payment processor, you'll be redirected to your own unique specific delivery link where you will follow the instructions to get your coins delivered to you straight away!

I can't find my unique delivery link, where can I find it?

If you have lost the url to the unique page, simply log head over to the My Account section of our website. In your order history, the order will be there with the delivery link. Alternatively, check your email for an order confirmation with the delivery link inside. If you do not find it in your inbox, check your junk mail!

What delivery methods you offer?

We use 2 methods to deliver coins to our customers.

Manual Delivery
With this method, the client does not give us the details to their EA Sports FC 24 account.
When ordering, our system selects safe players for you, and requests you to list these cards on the transfer market, so our system can easily buy these cards from you. Don't worry, it's 100% safe. We use certain players that we know are safe.

Comfort Trade
With this method, the customer provides us with the account details of his EA Sports FC 24 account (the account must have the transfer market unlocked on the FC Ultimate Team web app in order to use comfort trade).
The coins are transferred to the customer's accounts without their assistance. This method is as safe as the previous. The main advantage of this method is that the client does not do anything except giving us his details we will take the rest from there.

How can I unlock the transfer market on the FUT Web or Companion app?

Once you've played several matches daily and have high activity on EA Sports FC Ultimate Team, EA are likely to unlock your account for the transfer market on the Web and Companion Apps provided that you haven't been banned before. So, constantly play and you'll be unlocked in a decent timeframe.

Is it legal to buy coins?

As per EA's terms and conditions, it is against their rules to purchase coins, however it is not illegal. Please be aware that there are risks with purchasing coins such as the termination of your FUT account or being banned from all EA services on that account, however, we take the required steps to ensure your coin purchases is the best experience possible!

How long does it take to deliver my coins?

When our automated delivery system is functional, we anticipate a speed of 30 minutes to deliver 1,000,000 coins. This may be vary depending on how high our stock level is of FUT coins and also at the time how many people are in cloud system's queue to transfer coins to. When it is manual or extremely busy, delivery can take up to 24 hours from when you submit the withdraw request - We aim to complete all withdrawals/coin orders within 12 hours, however, things are a little more time consuming now that EA have introduced price ranges. Please only contact us if you have not received your coins within 24 hours.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept PayPal and Debit/Card Payments via Stripe. It is safe, easy and trusted by millions. If you don't have an PayPal account, no problem. PayPal accepts most major debit and credit cards and they won't require you to create an account. Alternatively, you may use Stripe. If you have a suggestion for any other Payment Method please advise us via our live chat!

My order was refunded because of fraud, why?

We use several services to mitigate risk, and a manual review can happen based on a number of factors. If we are unable to manually review your order, we will refund it. If you have concerns or questions about your refunded order, or would like to find out specifically why; please do contact us.

Are any purchases from BuyUTCoins subject to a refund policy?

Yes they all are. If you have ordered you are only subject for a refund if you haven't received your coins within 48 hours. If you have received the coins unfortunately, you are not subject to our policy. Refunds are based on our grounds and we decide the outcome based on the factors involved around the situation.